ProVantageX Announces Partnership With WideOrbit

ProVantageX Announces Partnership With WideOrbit

Seamless integration of two of the most powerful linear TV platforms in the industry with fully automated solutions ranging from supply-side to demand-side

ProVantageX (PVX) announced that it has partnered with WideOrbit, the market leader in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue workflow management, to create an integrated solution for supply-side inventory yield optimization. The announced integration has the potential to revolutionize the way stations manage and sell their commercial spots, boosting revenue and increasing labor efficiencies. To accomplish this, PVX’s state-of the art optimization engine will integrate with WideOrbit’s best-in-class ad management solution, WO Traffic, and WideOrbit’s Audience Delivery Optimization (ADO) toolset that was developed for Networks. WideOrbit’s ADO for Networks has delivered more than $800 million in contracted audience liability savings to WideOrbit Cable Network clients and is expected to add similar value to PVX / WideOrbit station clients.


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Top advertising technology companies announce a groundbreaking new partnership.

The first phase of the partnership will allow WO Traffic’s TV station clients running WideOrbit’s ADO for Stations toolset to leverage PVX’s multivariant optimization and algorithmic ratings projection tools to increase their overall ratings yield. The integration will evolve to allow station side users to execute multi-week optimization for their entire ratings inventory through PVX’s optimization platform. “The power of PVX is the ability to determine the best possible ratings use for every spot on a station’s line-up. That kind of power goes directly to the bottom-line,” said Ted Kramer EVP of Sales for ProVantageX, “but activating that power is only possible if you can directly connect it to the high caliber of inventory, traffic management and ADO tools that WideOrbit provides.”

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WideOrbit software is the inventory management and System of Record for more than 90% of local TV broadcasters and is at the forefront of innovation in the space. “Industry leaders look to companies like WideOrbit and PVX to continue to push the envelope for what is possible for the broadcast industry. Our partnership is a ‘Peanut butter meets chocolate’ moment, and we couldn’t be more excited about how this will benefit WideOrbit clients,” said Will Offeman, WideOrbit’s Chief Product Officer.


“We pride ourselves on providing a solid foundation for stations to manage, execute, and scale ad trafficking and sales, now and into the future,” said Offeman. “Increased automation and improved optimization for inventory yield management by integrating PVX’s ratings prediction tools directly into our traffic optimization tools will ensure our clients will be ready for that future.”

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PVX integrations like this one will provide incredible value for suppliers right out of the box, but even more importantly, they will provide a true foundation for evolving business models including turnkey pay for performance. Future integrations will provide for additional uses of PVX’s algorithmically generated program estimates and optimization tools to create new revenue opportunities. WideOrbit joins a growing list of companies with which PVX has inked deals in an effort to bring integrated solutions that will benefit advertisers, agencies, and stations alike. “Our philosophy is to find the smartest minds in the industry and join forces with them to bring overall value to the media world,” said Kramer. By creating an integrated technology web with WideOrbit, PVX is delivering on that philosophy.”

“WideOrbit is working towards a new era of efficiencies in TV buying and selling,” said Offeman. “Working with PVX will ensure that WideOrbit is helping lead the conversation in how we get there.”

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