PRophet Partners with PeakMetrics to Combat Disinformation and Misinformation Using Advanced AI Technology

PRophet Partners with PeakMetrics to Combat Disinformation and Misinformation Using Advanced AI Technology

Stagwell Marketing Cloud’s PRophet, the first and only generative and predictive AI SaaS platform built by and for PR professionals, announced a channel partnership with PeakMetrics, a leading AI-driven media intelligence platform that extracts insights from millions of unstructured datasets in real-time, to help clients navigate the threat of disinformation and misinformation online.

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This strategic alliance offers PRophet customers with preferential access to PeakMetrics’ industry-leading platform, which identifies and analyzes emerging narratives across the digital landscape. This capability empowers brands, organizations, and governments to effectively counter coordinated misinformation and disinformation campaigns that could potentially tarnish their reputations.


With the integration of PeakMetrics, PRophet’s customers can monitor real-time conversations across a wide range of channels, including burgeoning platforms like TikTok, Reddit, and podcasts, as well as traditional media outlets. By harnessing proprietary filtering tools, users can customize their information streams, pinpoint emerging trends at their inception, and focus on relevant discourse, thereby minimizing irrelevant noise.

“In today’s digital age, misinformation and disinformation run rampant, with potential to cause irreparable damage to a brand’s reputation. The time requirements to manually filter through the noise is no longer a feasible task,” said Andrew Meranus, EVP of Sales at PRophet. “The next generation of PR pros, known as communications engineers, are eager to enhance their comms tech stack with innovative solutions to effectively navigate these threats and mitigate false formation before it can cause harm. By joining forces with PeakMetrics, we are empowering our clients to stay one step ahead of bad actors, protect their reputation and maintain the trust of critical stakeholders.”

“PRophet’s AI-driven platform is the perfect complement to PeakMetrics’ cutting-edge media intelligence platform. By combining our unique set of capabilities, we are empowering brands with unparalleled insights to navigate the complexities of today’s media landscape,” “Our partnership reflects our shared vision of providing organizations with the necessary tools to proactively identify emerging online narratives, counter disinformation, and safeguard reputations.”

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The collaboration with PeakMetrics further strengthens PRophet’s commitment to providing its users with the most powerful tools to combat the ever-present challenges of misinformation and disinformation in today’s digital age.

Today’s announcement comes hot on the heels of PRophet’s recent strategic alliance with LexisNexis and the unveiling of “Powered by PRophet,” an innovative white labeling option that allows agencies and brands to effortlessly incorporate PRophet’s cutting-edge platform into their existing communications technology stacks, all while maintaining their unique brand voice.

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