Powerbridge Technologies Announces Measures to Maintain Nasdaq Listing Status, Drive Growth Potential, and Enhance Future Acquisition Opportunities

Powerbridge Technologies a provider of multi-industry technology solutions, is pleased to announce upcoming measures to maintain continued listing status on the Nasdaq exchange, supporting the Company’s long-term growth strategy and bolstering its access to favorable positioning in current and upcoming acquisition negotiations.

“We continue to prioritize the financial interests of our entire shareholder base above all other concerns,” commented Powerbridge CEO, Mr. Stewart Lor. “We are confident that maintaining our uninterrupted status as a Nasdaq-listed stock is our most effective path to achieving both our near-term growth objectives and our long-term vision as an emerging global leader with diversified exposure to next generation technology verticals.”


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Powerbridge has made significant investments in SaaS, ePlatforms, and Smart Devices for global trade, travel and leisure, education, and digital assets, with a base that now spans a broad range of clients from global trade and cross-border participants to retail customers and educators.

The Company’s recent moves include its announced plan to further enhance ChatGPT as an educational technology services asset, its acquisition of a majority stake in several high growth technology companies, its strategic engagement in AI and Blockchain technology companies, and its development of metaverse and NFT solutions targeting multiple industries.

Lor added, “Since establishing our Nasdaq listed status, we have been able to massively expand our strategic footprint, gaining traction in a wide range of emerging growth technology markets, including metaverse development, AI-driven ed-tech, and cryptocurrency. We believe these investments have already laid a powerful foundation with tremendous long-term upside potential targeting the core industries best positioned to define the growth economy of the 21st century.”

As commented in the Company’s release dated April 28, 2023, Powerbridge management believes it can regain full Nasdaq listing compliance upon the completion of a 1-for-30 reverse stock split of the Company’s securities.


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“We have planted the seeds of a robust value proposition,” concluded Lor. “The steps we take now to support the full actualization of that vision are an expression of the faith we have in our long-term strategic roadmap as well as our commitment to delivering on the faith our shareholders have placed in Powerbridge as demonstrated through their loyalty and support over many years—something we see as our most valuable asset. We look forward to cementing our compliance status and aggressively pursuing fresh opportunities aligned with our long-term vision.”

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