Planful Announces the First End-to-End Marketing Planning Software to Build, Execute, and Measure Marketing Plans

Planful Announces the First End-to-End Marketing Planning Software to Build, Execute, and Measure Marketing Plans

Planful Inc., the pioneer of financial performance management cloud software, announced Marketing Plan Builder, making Planful for Marketing the first end-to-end solution for building, presenting, executing, and measuring marketing plans.

“Marketing planning is an immature capability, and in some cases, completely broken in many companies. Plans are built in silos disconnected from key business goals, sales goals, and even financial goals. Furthermore, the planning process happens in spreadsheets or slides, which is also completely disconnected from historical results,” said Rowan Tonkin, Chief Marketing Officer at Planful. “Executing on those plans is made even more challenging without tools that connect marketing plans to campaigns, budget management, and performance metrics. Marketing Plan Builder will provide teams with new, connected ways of working to make planning for marketers a seamless, end-to-end experience and connect plans to budgets and execution.”


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By giving marketing teams the power to create and present comprehensive marketing plans quickly using best-practices guidance and template-driven workflows, Planful’s new functionality can cut weeks from planning efforts so marketers can get plans approved and into action. Marketing Plan Builder empowers marketers to move with speed and agility by providing a complete view of a plan’s goals, campaigns, channels, expenses, budgets, and financial performance metrics on a single page. Marketers can recognize opportunities quickly, make better and faster decisions, and adjust investments when business conditions change.

Marketing Plan Builder brings expertise, guidance, and standardization to how marketing teams create marketing plans. New capabilities include:

  • One-click generation of marketing plan presentation slides to eliminate painstaking manual slide creation.
  • Flexibility to support any marketing planning processes offering customizable goals, metrics, budgets, and campaigns.
  • Automated marketing funnel creation for calculating demand generation metrics and the necessary marketing budget required to achieve revenue goals.
  • Easy to use UI optimized for marketing plan visibility and execution progress in a singular view.

Viral Nation, a leading social media transformation and technology company, uses Planful for Marketing to optimize its marketing plans and budgets. “At a previous company, I inherited Planful for Marketing. At first I was against the marketing organization spending money on what I perceived was an FP&A solution–but I was wrong. It became clear that Planful was foundational to being able to run on budget, optimize for speed with ever-changing market conditions, and work successfully across multiple business units,” stated Scott Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer at Viral Nation. “Fast forward to joining Viral Nation, where we have a world-class CFO and Finance team. In my first 90 days we partnered to select and onboard the Planful for Marketing solution because we knew the value of real-time budgeting, multi-currency management, and revenue attribution. Removing the stress of managing plan versus actuals, without adding headcount, empowers marketing to focus on customer acquisition with far greater transparency and agility.”

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