PERKY Announces Strategic Integration with Selerix

PERKY Announces Strategic Integration with Selerix

PERKY Decision Support Integrated with Selerix to Provide Turn-key, Holistic Employee Guidance

PERKY, a benefits decision support technology company, is thrilled to announce its new integration with Selerix. PERKY’s decision support tool is aimed to empower and guide employees to choose their personalized suite of core and voluntary benefits while optimizing contributions across tax advantaged accounts and incorporating consumerism education.

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Brokers can enjoy an enrollment platform with decision support integrated, avoiding the hassle of multiple systems.

The exciting integration means PERKY’s turnkey decision support tool is available to Selerix users and accessible through Selerix BenSelect as a pre-enrollment experience for employees. Brokers and other partners can enjoy a consolidated enrollment platform with decision support seamlessly integrated, avoiding the hassle of navigating between multiple systems.

PERKY Announces Strategic Integration with Selerix 1

“We’re excited to offer this integration right before this fall’s busy open enrollment season – with remote and hybrid workforces at large, the employer demand for decision support has skyrocketed,” said Shelby George, CEO of PERKY.

“This integration with PERKY showcases the power and flexibility provided by API connectivity,” said Lyle Griffin, President of Selerix. “PERKY and Selerix BenSelect work together seamlessly to provide clear, personalized guidance for each employee. Utilizing APIs and integration services, partners are able to deliver customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.”

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PERKY’s algorithms drive the turnkey, personalized employee education provided. Employee recommendations are calculated based on individual needs, utilization, and anticipated out-of-pocket costs. PERKY frames guidance that offers a third party, agnostic approach that is designed to validate the integrity of recommendations while avoiding potential data privacy issues. The tool comes with built-in, conflict free documentation of benefits communications.

“PERKY looks at benefits from the employee’s perspective: they have one paycheck to divide among their health, wealth, and voluntary benefits. Our guide gives an exact dollar amount recommendation for each, and provides additional commentary as to why voluntary benefits can help cover any gaps in coverage,” said George.

The tool can also be white-labeled to the Selerix user’s brand; a huge differentiator in competitive landscape. “We handle the decision support technology while you get to focus on what you do best. It’s a win-win,” said Andrew Fisher, Director of Product at PERKY.

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