Opinion: Artificial Intelligence Is Great at Doing Tasks, Not Jobs!!!

Opinion: Artificial Intelligence Is Great at Doing Tasks, Not Jobs!!!

As a CTO, I have seen firsthand how powerful artificial intelligence (AI) can be, particularly recent developments in generative AI. That being said, I believe it is most powerful when it comes to performing tasks — not performing entire job functions. It should be seen as a complement rather than a replacement for workers. AI is incredibly helpful when it comes to automating individual tasks or streamlining workflows, but the human element is still a necessity. While tech workers might be able to rely on tools like ChatGPT and Bard to lend a helping hand at work, these programs will not actually make jobs obsolete.


There are certain areas of business where I see AI as a natural addition to daily tasks. In IT for example, AI can automate mundane tasks and enhance efficiency, freeing up employees’ time to focus on more strategic projects, rather than the redundant admin. The IT industry has been tasked with wearing many hats — especially as industry layoffs make teams leaner — and deal with increasingly high volumes of SaaS applications. With the proper AI tools, they can automate the smaller daily headaches like password resets and focus on initiatives they’re more passionate about and that drive real business value.

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AI excels at handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can be easily defined and structured. These are also the tasks that most employees find boring or less interesting than their other projects. This frees up human professionals, including myself, to focus on the more strategic and creative aspects of our work.

AI is also highly reliable and consistent in executing tasks. It doesn’t suffer from fatigue, or distractions that can affect human performance.

For example, take a recent integration we recently implemented with OpenAI. The integration allows users to prompt a request, enter what they want to solve, and watch Open AI write a script to solve the issue, saving IT teams countless hours that would have been otherwise spent on code creation. Users can take this one step further and enable an AI-generated solution or script, which will then allow IT managers to run the automation based on the suggested script, freeing up IT departments from hours — sometimes even days — of manual work.

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In addition, AI has the capacity to process and analyze massive datasets at scale. It can rapidly extract valuable insights and patterns from diverse sources of information, enabling data-driven decision-making and empowering businesses (and employees at these businesses) to make more informed choices.


But with all this said, it’s important to note that AI is not a substitute for human intelligence, creativity, and critical thinking. While AI excels at tasks that are rule-based, predictable, and data-driven, it lacks the nuanced understanding, intuition, and emotional intelligence that humans possess.

Ultimately, the key lies in leveraging the strengths of AI to augment human capabilities to focus on higher-value activities that require human creativity, adaptability, and the ability to navigate ambiguous situations. AI should be seen as a partner in the workplace — not a competitor.

Integrating AI into our workflows and processes can offload repetitive tasks, enhance productivity, and unlock new possibilities. By striking the right balance between AI and human collaboration, we can achieve remarkable results, drive innovation, and create a more prosperous future for all.

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