New Keap Integration With eSignature Provider HelloSign Saves Time, Simplifies Sales Cycle

New Keap Integration With eSignature Provider HelloSign Saves Time, Simplifies Sales Cycle

Latest Keap Integration Makes It Easier Than Ever for Entrepreneurs to Build Automated E-Signature Workflows in a Single App

Keap, the leader in sales and marketing automation software for entrepreneurs, announced an integration with eSignature solution HelloSign that allows entrepreneurs to get agreements signed faster and to automate processes that rely on signed documents in one central location, saving time and shortening the sales cycle. HelloSign provides an easy-to-use solution for companies to send documents for signature online, track the progress of requests, and get documents signed directly from their device in a safer and faster way than pen and paper.

New Keap Integration With eSignature Provider HelloSign Saves Time, Simplifies Sales Cycle 1

Today, small businesses can lose significant time waiting for document signatures and many have to switch between multiple software tools to generate, send and save contract records. For some, it can take up to 5 days to obtain traditionally signed documents. Using an eSignature solution combined with Keap’s powerful automation tools, can speed up the process by 80% while reducing document handling costs by 85%.

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“Collecting contract signatures can be a frustrating and arduous process for small business owners,” said Rajesh Bhatia, CTO at Keap. “With the HelloSign integration, not only are we able to streamline and automate the traditionally manual and time-consuming execution of a contract but we’re also able to connect it to workflows that precede it or follow from it. We are excited to consolidate these tasks in our easy-to-use platform so they can stay organized, close more sales in less time and reduce the chaos that comes from switching between multiple tools.”

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Through the HelloSign integration, Keap users can:

  • Autofill Keap contact data into HelloSign eSignature documents.
  • Create contract workflows that automatically send follow up texts and emails reminding customers to sign and send back contracts.
  • Store document and user information within the Keap contact record.
  • Trigger the automatic delivery of eSignature documents once a prerequisite, like acceptance of a quote, is fulfilled.
  • Automate emails, notifications, and task creation once a document has been signed.

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By building automation around eSignatures using Keap editions Lite, Pro and Max’s Easy Automation functionality, a small business can automate an email to follow up on an eSignature request, schedule an appointment following a signed contract, etc., in less than three minutes.  Because HelloSign is natively integrated, it allows users to seamlessly complete all these tasks in one tool.

“HelloSign’s mission is to help customers do business faster,” said Whitney Bouck, COO at HelloSign. “Keap’s powerful and easy automation capabilities are a perfect fit for HelloSign’s easy-to-use eSignature tools. By allowing entrepreneurs to access these tools from one app, the combination of HelloSign and Keap greatly accelerate our customers’ time to revenue.”

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