METIS Selected to Present On Cutting-Edge Data Analysis at Top Police Training Summit

Hundreds of Police Executives Explore the Future Impact of Innovative Technologies on Police Training

METIS, a software company that concentrates on finding critical information submerged in an organization’s data, is honored to announce that its newly appointed Head of Business Strategy for North America, Joseph J. Lestrange, PhD, presented on August 23 to the foremost practitioners and thought leaders on police training. He discussed the importance of law enforcement agencies developing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to sift through and analyze their voluminous data. Dr. Lestrange spoke in detail on the Future Impact of Innovative Technologies on Police Training Academies at the Police Academies and Training Symposium in Las Vegas. The event brought together hundreds of international police chiefs, sheriffs, academy trainers, HR specialists, and a wide range of police officials and industry professionals.


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Dr. Lestrange recently retired as the Division Chief for Homeland Security Investigations’ National Public Safety & Border Security Division. He also served as the senior agency official to the U.S. Council on Transnational Organized Crime—Strategic Division, which was created by President Biden to develop “whole of government” strategies aimed at combating the escalating threat of transnational organized crime.

Dr. Lestrange detailed how many of law enforcement’s newest technologies have shrunk the time it takes to conduct major investigations from weeks to hours. He also emphasized the vital policy, budget, and strategic planning decisions that are necessary to enable police academies to train not only new recruits, but seasoned officers as well on these emerging technologies.
“The level of engagement and attendees’ drive towards continuous learning and identifying best practices was nothing less than stellar,” Dr. Lestrange said. “It was truly a pleasure to instruct police leaders and trainers on deriving insights from their data, side by side with other critically important presentations on topics such as addressing implicit bias in academy training and understanding the landscape of legislatively mandated training requirements.”

The symposium, hosted by the DC Metropolitan Police and Global Consortium for Law Enforcement Training Executives, was created in direct response to current events in the United States, including President Joe Biden’s call for a renewed focus on police training during his State of the Union Address. More than 70 law enforcement agencies and organizations were represented.

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The METIS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform can greatly enhance law enforcement training and investigative capabilities. By pulling together law enforcement agencies’ voluminous data sources, METIS’s Augmented Predictive Intelligence Platform helps these agencies paint a portrait of what’s happening, what’s missing, and what’s next regarding crime in their jurisdictions. METIS integrates a department’s full array of data sources with almost zero latency and minimal administrative burden. Analysts and Investigators can simply pose questions to the platform, and advanced analytics tools respond by identifying and analyzing anomalies, trends, patterns, and group behaviors. The process delivers persons of interest, patterns of criminal behavior, criminal networks, hot spots, suspicious tactics, and more.

“The METIS platform is the equivalent of having thousands of virtual analysts at your fingertips,” explains Dr. Lestrange. At a time when police agencies are critically understaffed, the result is a cost-effective solution at the right time that revolutionizes the future of public safety by detecting, solving, and even preventing crime.

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