LabVantage Solutions Introduces LabVantage Enterprise SaaS

LabVantage Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of laboratory informatics solutions and services, including purpose-built LIMS solutions that allow labs to go live faster and at a lower total cost, announced the introduction of LabVantage Enterprise SaaS. The new offering incorporates the advantages of LabVantage’s standard Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) option that have made it a customer favorite since its introduction last year, along with unprecedented software configurability and interfacing capabilities that, for the first time, allow laboratories to leverage the full power and utility of a SaaS LIMS to address their unique needs.

The standard LabVantage SaaS provides a low-cost LabVantage LIMS solution, which can include ELN, LES, and SDMS features, hosted in a multi-tenant cloud environment available through one annual subscription fee. The SaaS option eliminates the upfront capital and start-up costs of a conventional LIMS and provides users all the basics needed to access and operate the LabVantage LIMS through their own web browsers. SaaS is highly scalable and includes regular software updates automatically implemented by LabVantage.


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LabVantage Enterprise SaaS adds full configurability and custom interfacing support enabling modifications to accommodate the needs of more complex organizations. It supports interfacing with external software systems and adding features specific to the needs of the customer. Additionally, LabVantage Enterprise SaaS can be modified as the company’s requirements change over time. Unlike standard SaaS, Enterprise SaaS is hosted in a single-tenant cloud environment, providing an additional layer of security and flexibility.

For regulated industries that require a validated system, both the standard LabVantage SaaS and Enterprise SaaS solutions can be maintained by LabVantage in a controlled and compliant way, providing users evidence of installation qualification, testing, and change control.

“LabVantage Enterprise SaaS is the latest example of how we listen to our customers and respond with solutions pushing the boundaries of the possible,” said Robert Voelkner, LabVantage Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “The standard LabVantage SaaS is a very popular option that works well for many customers; however, we have received many requests to go beyond the restrictions of a standard SaaS solution and offer a more configurable, flexible SaaS LIMS that allows organizations to fully configure and create customized system interfaces able to meet their specific needs.”

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Mr. Voelker continued, “We have developed the right balance with LabVantage Enterprise SaaS, keeping much of the simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use of the cloud-based standard SaaS approach, while adding abundant opportunities for the configurability and interfacing that allow customers to get the most value from their LIMS. It is noteworthy too that both our standard and Enterprise SaaS options can be maintained as a validated solution. Thanks to the creativity and innovative efforts of our stellar LabVantage team, we are proud to be the first and only company to offer a full featured, Enterprise SaaS LIMS system.”

LabVantage Enterprise SaaS includes a managed and monitored computing infrastructure, automatic software upgrades, and enterprise-grade features for the most robust LIMS deployment. Importantly, the LabVantage platform is built on a strong base of application programming interfaces provided as web services that are available as part of the LabVantage Enterprise SaaS, allowing implementation of customer-specific custom system interfaces that do not affect the LabVantage platform code, ensuring compatibility with future software updates and upgrades.

LabVantage helps customers implement the system changes they require, including no-code configuration changes, robust system interfacing, precise reporting, and capabilities for importing data from both simple and advanced instrumentation. LabVantage also works closely with customers to ensure that system changes are compatible with the native configuration and custom system interfacing mechanisms of the LIMS, ensuring supportability into the future.

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