JUNO Releases Guide For 365-Day Engagement

JUNO Releases Guide For 365-Day Engagement

  • Opportunities Lie Just Beyond Events for Member-Driven Organizations

From Here to 365 is a new guide released by JUNO to assist organizations in the digital transformation of their events and audience engagement. JUNO is a growing software company that connects people at events and year-round in 365-day online communities.

JUNO Releases Guide For 365-Day Engagement 1

“We hear 365 community engagement thrown around often in event and association discussions,” said JUNO Co-founder and CEO Josh Hotsenpiller. “It’s more than a buzzword to us at JUNO. As community software experts, we have been powering communities for a decade and have a unique perspective on what should happen.


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“One thing should be clear to everyone in events: no one wants to connect just three days a year.”

From Here to 365 is available for complimentary download here. The ebook is high in utility, sharing specific guideposts for organizers to reach throughout a year, and includes a checklist of technology features that enable online 365 engagement. It’s a template from which organizations can refine their activities to achieve specific objectives.

“It can seem daunting but you can start here, start now on a path to 365 engagement with your event, association or business community,” Hotsenpiller said. “JUNO itself was built to connect people to networking, education and experiences. Digital transformation means peaks can come more often and engagement stays up year-round.”

As associations combat declines in membership, rethinking engagement is imperative. A recent Marketing General Inc. study showed 85% of associations are seeking virtual solutions, and 70% are taking action on tactical plans to increase engagement.


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With a robust software platform, the mission laid out in JUNO’s previous publication, 5 Pillars of Community: Connecting Humans for Organizational Growth, is more achievable. A seamless web and mobile app experience that includes specific activities and is powered by artificial intelligence creates the greatest results from a technology perspective.

Spun out of a successful community software company, JUNO launched in August and rapidly grew to help thousands of users across five continents come together and experience over 30 million minutes of streamed educational content. Organizations like the Professional Convention Management Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, Network of Executive Women, American Heart Association, a Big 4 national sports organization and a top philanthropic group have all chosen JUNO for events and engagement.

“Our clientele continue to move past one-time events to recurring, multi-event and multi-year agreements,” Hotsenpiller said. “We consistently hear of the need for future-generation solutions that allow collaboration, networking and education. This guide helps anyone on that path From Here to 365.”

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