Jama Software Announces Massive Adoption of Jama Connect’s API

Jama Software Announces Massive Adoption of Jama Connect’s API

Jama Software, the industry-leading requirements management and traceability solution provider, announced that usage of its market-leading REST API is now exceeding 600 million cloud service requests per month. This massive usage reflects the rapid adoption of Jama Connect as organizations achieve Live Traceability across best-of-breed tools within the engineering function.

Live Traceability throughout the engineering process requires automated synchronization across best-of-breed tools. Jama Connect’s REST API is the most mature, secure, and scalable API for requirements management and traceability:

  • The richest REST API with over 200 separate API functions spanning all objects, including projects, requirements, baselines, comments, test plans, tags, attachments, and more.
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  • The only SOC 2 Type 2 certified REST API in the requirements management space.
  • The only multi-tenant, cloud-architected requirements management software that can handle the scale of over 600 million API cloud service requests per month and over 100,000 trailing 90-day active users.

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In addition to enabling Live Traceability, Jama Connect’s REST API also enables customers to gather test results from disparate tools, ensure that the entire organization is working from a single source of truth, and communicate across their supply chains in an automated fashion.

“Live Traceability requires automated synchronization across best-of-breed tools,” said Josh Turpen, Chief Product Officer at Jama Software, “and our REST API is the only API that can enable Live Traceability at scale.”


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