Interfield Global Software Signs Premium Membership Agreement with Verditek PLC for Equipment Hound Industrial Marketplace

Interfield Global Software software development company that provides tailor-made data management and marketplace solutions for companies worldwide, is pleased to announce the signing of a Premium Membership Agreement with Verditek PLC (“Verditek”), a leading clean technology company behind the development and production of lightweight, flexible solar panels, providing new energy solutions to cover surfaces previously never considered suitable for solar power. Ten times lighter than conventional panels, Verditek is providing a wide range of solar solutions from powering a mobile military campsite to domestic holiday caravans.

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We are excited that Verditek has chosen Equipment Hound as their E-Commerce provider to add value to their entrance into the UAE and Middle East market. With our chief operations based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; it is sunny all year round and we’re surrounded by seemingly infinite Solar installation opportunities.

Verditek’s solar panels have proven to be more durable than their competitors. With the extreme heat in the region where summer temperatures can reach close to 50 degrees Celsius most solar panels crack, melt or become too warped to be functional.

“Verditek represents our first solar client and takes us another step towards making Equipment Hound the largest procurement ecosystem for industrial equipment and a milestone towards our commitment to energy transition. We look forward to working with the Verditek team to market their game changing solar panels in the UAE and globally,” commented Steele Hemmerich, President of Interfield.

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The Company is a publicly listed company, with its common shares listed on the NEO Exchange and operates in Dubai, U.A.E through its wholly owned subsidiary, Interfield Software Solutions LLC (“Interfield Solutions”).

Interfield Solutions is a software company that services numerous industrial segments worldwide including oil and gas, mining and renewables. Interfield Solutions has two operating divisions, E-commerce and Software as a Service. Equipment Hound, the company’s flagship product of its E-commerce division, is an industrial equipment marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers around the globe. Equipment Hound manages a catalogue of equipment from various suppliers and provides procurement solutions for buyers. It includes features such as requests for quotes, logistics support and third-party verification. ToolSuite, the company’s flagship product of its Software as a Service division, is a cloud based data collection and management platform that digitizes industrial processes and provides real-time auditable data for clients.

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