Intellum Framework To Standardize Customer, Partner, And Employee Education

Intellum Framework To Standardize Customer, Partner, And Employee Education

Education technology leader shares proprietary process for developing successful education initiatives that drive business results and real ROI

Intellum, the #1 customer, partner, and employee education platform, released the Intellum Framework, a step-by-step process that any company or organization can use to develop highly-effective customer, partner, and employee learning initiatives, for free.

The Intellum Framework© demystifies the process of building a world-class education initiative by focusing on just three critical components associated with every successful education strategy – goals, audiences, and content. By working through the framework, an organization can quickly identify and align on the unique attributes of each component, mapping them to specific outcomes to demonstrate the anticipated business impact of the education initiative.

“For the last twenty years we’ve helped big brands increase product utilization, customer retention, employee performance and revenue through education – and we’ve seen the impact these formalized education initiatives make on our client organizations,” said Chip Ramsey, CEO, Intellum. “But too many companies still struggle to connect the consumption of learning content to real business results. So we boiled all of our experience down to a simple, repeatable process – a strategic framework – that we are sharing with the world so anyone can now create the kind of education initiatives that move the needle against big company goals.”

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The Intellum Framework© is based on the company’s proprietary methodology, which includes eight strategic thrusts for education strategy: business goals, audience strategy, resources, content strategy, delivery strategy, marketing strategy, measurement, and application. The most impactful education programs have a clear strategy and can demonstrate successful execution in each of these areas. But applying a full-blown methodology to a new initiative or even an existing program can be a daunting task.

The Intellum Framework© solves this concern by presenting a simplified education-specific process, or workflow, that can be used to identify and manage concurrent business problems, multiple goals, multiple audience segments, and a wide variety of content and experiences that are tracked and measured using different metrics. The end result is a strategy map that clearly communicates the business impact of an organization’s education initiative.

“Most successful organizations employ some sort of strategic framework to align the business around a central strategy, including well-known frameworks that have become business standard bearers like Google’s ‘OKRs’,” said Vicky Kennedy, chief strategy officer, Intellum. “However, devising a framework that suits the nuances of both education and business objectives remains a challenge. At Intellum, we know there can be significantly less friction and more synergy with education and the enterprise, and the Intellum Framework© intends to help businesses unite them in a way that drives meaningful and impactful results.”

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