inDrive Strengthens B2B Offering Through Team Expansion, Tech Acquisition

inDrive Strengthens B2B Offering Through Team Expansion, Tech Acquisition

inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform, is strengthening its B2B segment offering by introducing new solutions in inDrive.Freight and inDrive.Couriers delivery verticals.

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inDrive will broaden its offering through expanding the team and the acquisition of new tech solutions. The company completed a transaction with Master Delivery (MD), a SaaS platform for last-mile delivery. MD’s team in charge of global expansion is joining inDrive to strengthen its capacity for segment development, and inDrive is acquiring MD’s technology, which will be integrated to the existing B2B offering.


The team joining inDrive brings expertise and patent-protected innovations, including solutions for delivery management, order batching, dispatch algorithms, and demand prediction. As part of the transaction, inDrive will obtain MD’s proprietary technology code, enabling the company to leverage it at its discretion.

inDrive is expanding its B2B offering to better meet the specific needs of business customers. As part of the effort, the company will introduce a number of features, including a single business account, service level agreement (SLA) with an on-time guarantee, courier management system, consolidated analytics, and more. With a range of business-focused tools, inDrive will better support SMEs and expand opportunities in the enterprise-grade delivery market, where speed, reliability, and quality are critical.

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Daniil Petin, VP of Mobility at inDrive:


“At inDrive, we have successfully served B2B customers with our mobility offering, and there is high demand from SMEs for inDrive.Couriers to provide last-mile courier delivery, with more than 160,000 businesses served in 39 countries. InDrive.Freight offers freight services with a range of vehicles, from minivans for small shipments to semi-trailers and refrigerator trucks to deliver heavy or temperature-sensitive goods between cities, to over 162,000 B2B clients worldwide.

We recognize the great potential of merging the inDrive and MD teams’ knowledge and skills. Our expansive global scope and experience in scaling services to new markets, combined with technology allowing for the swift delivery of enterprise-grade services in as little as 30-40 minutes, with an impressive 95% on-time orders, will enable us to rapidly and significantly enhance our business offering.

The transaction opens a new era of active investments and acquisitions, and inDrive is looking to work with talented founders of emerging startups, especially those from underrepresented regions, to scale their businesses.”

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