In Response to COVID-19 Consumer Shift, Releases Content Intelligence

In Response to COVID-19 Consumer Shift, Releases Content Intelligence

AI Platform Delivers Solution to Content Marketing’s ROI Problem, the AI platform built to deliver business outcomes with content, introduced Content Intelligence: a SaaS offering created to solving content marketing’s ROI problem. Developed in response to COVID-19, Content Intelligence is able to decipher what content is resonating most with consumers while driving them down the funnel to take action and deliver real ROI — changing brand perception, increasing actions taken onsite, lead generation and user engagement.

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“Partnering with inPowered has allowed us to gain a strong understanding of what content on our Extra Mile platform is resonating most with our audience, especially during the COVID-19 era when consumer behavior and content needs are evolving,” said Scott Lugar, Chief Marketing Officer at AAA Club Alliance. “Their AI-powered technology has allowed us to drive real ROI with content marketing, and we’re looking forward to learning unique insights from employing their Content Intelligence.”

“Back in March, we had somewhere around two-thirds of our top advertising clients (Fortune 500 brands) essentially pause their content marketing campaigns overnight,” said Peyman Nilforoush, CEO and Co-Founder of inPowered. “This was because brands had to change their messaging in response to the pandemic; and with this we saw an increasing need for our clients to understand two main objectives: What content is resonating with this new COVID-consumer mindset, and what content is driving real ROI?”

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Pirouz Nilforoush, inPowered’s President and Co-Founder added: “We began working to help our customers solve this problem in real-time, providing them with a JavaScript code to attach to their website, and immediately started to collect data with what’s resonating with consumers vs. what’s not. The implementation was simple, scanning each piece of content through the platform, using Predictive AI to crunch content engagement data collected over the last five years. As a result, Content Intelligence can understand precisely when to present the reader with the right call-to-action, effectively determining what content consumers are engaging with most to maximize ROI and drive business outcomes.”

Clients who have implemented Content Intelligence during the closed beta have seen, on average, a 12% CTR on the Call-to-Action on the content with some articles driving as high as 40% CTR. “Using inPowered’s Content Intelligence, we’ve been able to get data at a granular level; something that previously required a lot of labor and resources to understand what content is actually resonating with consumers,” said Mike Veselinovski, Senior Account Supervisor at Campbell Ewald. “Now we can focus on higher-level strategy around what content users are engaging with at specific phases of the consumer journey and use these insights to have intelligent conversations with our client as to what’s actually moving our audience down the funnel to take action.”

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