ImprezzAI and TireTutor Announce Partnership to Reinvent Performance Marketing

TireTutor, an automotive SaaS company that provides revolutionary digital retail software to tire distributors and dealers, and ImprezzAI, a performance marketing startup founded earlier this year, announced that TireTutor has become ImprezzAI’s first contracted alpha partner.

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ImprezzAI was founded at the start of the year and has been building its first product while raising capital. ImprezzAI is building machine learning technology to enable advertisers to more effectively measure and optimize return on ad spend. Dave Galvin,

Founder and CEO of ImprezzAI and Ivan Ceraj, Co-Founder and CTO, worked together at CarGurus to build a world-class performance marketing machine. ImprezzAI is building upon their expertise with a vision to incorporate artificial intelligence to make effective performance marketing accessible to more businesses.

Galvin said, “We are thrilled to announce TireTutor as our first alpha partner. TireTutor is bringing transparency and efficiency to tire shopping, and we look forward to enhancing the reach and effectiveness of its advertising by using ImprezzAI’s technology. We’re also very excited to have the outstanding TireTutor team partnering to provide feedback and insights as we build our first alpha product.”

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TireTutor offers end-to-end e-commerce solutions for tires and service. As a tech-first company, TireTutor has built simple yet effective software for distributors and retailers. “We’re excited that ImprezzAI’s technology will add fuel to the fire we’ve built here at TireTutor,” said Jason Abrahams, Founder and CEO of TireTutor. “Becoming more efficient with our digital ad spend will allow us to deliver more bang for our customers’ buck, driving growth for both their businesses and ours.”


Abrahams and Galvin worked together at CarGurus prior to its 2017 IPO. TireTutor and ImprezzAI are amongst the local startups founded by CarGurus alums, and the “CarGurus Mafia” has contributed early funding for both companies. “Having seen Dave’s work up close I know he’s one of the best minds in performance marketing and I’m excited to team up with him again to create this opportunity for both our companies,” Abrahams said.

 TireTutor is a digital retail software company, providing e-commerce solutions for the automotive sector. Led by a team of former CarGurus employees, the company’s platform supports independent and wholesale tire dealers as well as franchise dealerships. The company grows automotive businesses using modern websites with low-funnel lead forms combined with expert digital advertising and a consumer-facing marketplace.

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