Gray Introduces Insight Advisor: Conversational AI Comes to Higher-Education Data Analysis

Gray Introduces Insight Advisor: Conversational AI Comes to Higher-Education Data Analysis

GRAY Associates announced the launch of Insight Advisor in their PES (Program Evaluation System) software for colleges and universities. Surviving and thriving in higher education requires faster, data-informed decisions. Combing through databases, multiple filters, and hundreds of visualizations slows the process, introduces errors, and stops occasional users from finding critical information. Insight Advisor allows clients to ask questions in plain English and immediately get the data they need, relevant visualizations, and detailed tables.

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Insight Advisor taps into Gray’s PES software, which integrates program economics and local, regional, and national market data on educational programs. It includes data on student demand, competition, and employer needs to help schools make critical decisions that directly impact their growth and economic viability. Insight Advisor enables casual users to gather and analyze complex information more quickly and efficiently than ever before. More advanced users can create, revise, save, and reuse visualizations, data, and reports in a few minutes.


Robert Gray Atkins, Gray’s CEO, said, “For most of us, diving into a data system is like swimming in a swamp. Insight Advisor is a remarkable feature of PES: it allows a normal human to ask a plain English question and get the necessary data. It is our superpower for data analysis.”

Insight Advisor is built using Qlik, a 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 13th year; their technology leverages cloud-based data integration with AI and machine learning to produce actionable data and industry-leading visualizations.

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Gray helps colleges and universities make data-informed decisions about their academic programs. Gray’s software integrates the best available data on academic program economics, student demand, employer needs, and competitive intensity for the precise market served by each institution. Faculty and administrative leaders use the software to score, rank, and evaluate programs collaboratively, building consensus on programs to start, sunset, sustain, or grow. With Gray’s tools and processes, institutions identify paths to increase enrollment, revenue, and efficiency while investing in their mission and strengthening relationships among faculty and administrators.

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