Globaledit Introduces Creative Workflow Features Focused on Automation

Globaledit Introduces Creative Workflow Features Focused on Automation

  • Customers Can Now Integrate Their Entire Technical Stack to Create Workflow Automation Recipes Saving Time and Money on Their Creative Workflow.

Globaledit, the leader in Creative Workflow Management solutions, is disrupting how creative teams produce and distribute content. In 2020, Globaledit launched its cloud based Digital Asset Management platform and took big steps into solving Project Management for Creatives and Marketers focused on producing visual Assets.

Now, the company is providing a way for Creative and Marketing teams to automate essential steps throughout the entire creative & marketing workflow. Globaledit is introducing its Marketplace and Workflow Automation Recipes to optimize workflow through the complete lifecycle of an asset, ingest to distribution.

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According to analysis done by Globaledit on its enterprise and mid-market clients, there is a need for automation to solve the pressures of today’s demand. 50% of all users have expressed interest in the ability to simplify workflows and to focus more time on critical objectives.

Globaledit’s Marketplace allows organizations to choose from hundreds of the most popular apps that natively integrate with Globaledit. The Globaledit marketplace encompasses essential turnkey integrations with leading partners across project management, digital asset management and content management systems.

Globaledit’s Workflow Automation Recipes allows users to create workflow rules based on business logic. Our workflow automation recipes automate high value tasks within your production processes and demonstrate how your entire technology stack can communicate with each other.

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Globaledit also is introducing iterations of existing key features, including:

Projects allow for a fully customizable dashboard allowing project managers, creative leaders or stakeholders to easily manage workflows across multiple productions, teams & product lines. Sync 2.0, new additions to Globaledit’s Sync tool allow creatives to automatically sync full capture sessions. Enhanced Search allows users to quickly search for assets via metadata with expandable search terms and asset recommendations.

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