Fluence Expands Asset Performance Management Software in Latin America Through Contract with MPC Energy Solutions

Fluence Expands Asset Performance Management Software in Latin America Through Contract with MPC Energy Solutions

Contract with MPC Energy Solutions adds seven solar plants under management in El Salvador, Colombia, and Mexico for Fluence’s Nispera asset performance management software

Fluence Energy, a leading global provider of energy storage products and services, and cloud-based software for renewables and storage, announced a contract with MPC Energy Solutions, a leading provider of sustainable energy in the Latin American region, to optimize the performance of seven solar plants in Latin America using Fluence’s Nispera asset performance management (APM) software. The contract with MPC Energy Solutions marks Fluence’s entrance into El Salvador and Colombia and expands Fluence’s APM presence in Mexico. In Latin America, Nispera is also currently optimizing renewable energy assets in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

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Nispera integrates asset data with intelligent machine learning models and visualization tools to help uncover hidden performance issues, minimize downtime, and maximize energy production for energy storage and renewable assets. Nispera will support the proactive management of the MPC Energy Solutions assets, enabling the detection and resolution of performance and budget deviations, and ultimately is expected to deliver increased revenue and more clean energy to the grid.

“Renewable energy projects are the key to a sustainable future, but their success depends on effective performance management. Using Nispera for our renewable energy projects provides numerous benefits. By streamlining data collection and analysis, we can gain valuable insights into our operations, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize our performance. We can also monitor our KPIs in real time, allowing us to quickly respond to any issues that arise and ensure that our projects are running at peak performance. Ultimately, this leads to an increased productivity of our projects, and paves the way for a greener future in the region. We make clean energy happen,” said Martin Vogt, CEO for MPC Energy Solutions.

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“We’re excited to begin working with MPC Energy Solutions and expand the presence of Nispera in the Latin America market,” said Gianmarco Pizza, Fluence Vice President, Global Head of Digital APM. “The continued global growth of our cloud-based software highlights the value Nispera delivers to help customers optimize the performance of their assets and ultimately maximize their revenues while lowering their overall cost of ownership.”

Recently, Fluence announced the expansion of Nispera to optimize the performance of energy storage, with 267 MW / 948 MWh energy storage assets currently under management globally. As an APM leader, Nispera is now operational on energy storage and all categories of renewables including solar, wind, and hydro and supports assets from any technology provider.

Nispera is part of Fluence IQ, an advanced digital platform for wind, solar, and energy storage software applications. Fluence is a leader in Software-as-a-Service products for managing renewable energy and storage assets, with a combined portfolio of more than 18 GW of assets contracted or under management globally.

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