Financial Machines Launches BatteryOS For Energy Storage

Financial Machines Launches BatteryOS For Energy Storage

BatteryOS enables site identification for standalone and co-located battery storage, performs revenue forecasting and financial modeling to guide configuration decisions, and delivers the tools to operate and optimize assets profitably.

Financial Machines, a leading provider of innovative software and analytical solutions, announced the official launch of BatteryOS, a cutting-edge financial operating system designed to optimize the management of energy storage.

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Operating a battery is a complex optimization challenge that requires and generates vast amounts of data. Battery assets underperform due to insufficient or excessive management. BatteryOS is infused with real world trading experience that enables it to process information from many diverse sources correctly and to maximize revenue.


With BatteryOS, users can easily site, value, and optimize their energy storage and renewable assets. BatteryOS offers a comprehensive range of input parameters for asset configuration, allowing users to create and review scenarios to help them make the best decisions considering all the relevant factors. BatteryOS also supports the use of third-party data in analysis as well as comparing results from other sources using its custom data visualization framework.

BatteryOS is optimized to operate fast and at scale, producing results for 25-year valuations in minutes, not hours or days. This enables customers to get extensive and in-depth analysis fast.

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BatteryOS generates insight by allowing users to easily visualize and make sense of large amounts of data. With BatteryOS, customers can also consolidate data by importing analysis from other sources and cross referencing analysis from various sources in one place.


BatteryOS offers a free subscription with access to the benchmark index by ISO, periodic revenue forecasts at representative locations, and a demo mode to experience the software.

“We are thrilled to introduce BatteryOS to the energy storage and renewable asset industry,” said Vishal Apte, CEO and Founder of Financial Machines. “BatteryOS is the result of years of experience and expertise, and we believe it will revolutionize the way developers and asset operators approach their projects. With BatteryOS, our customers can leave less money on the table and maximize the revenue from their fleet.”

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