Exadel Reports Projection-Breaking Growth In First Half Of 2021

Exadel Reports Projection-Breaking Growth In First Half Of 2021

Burgeoning client roster, acquisition by Sun Capital and new services and solutions contribute to Exadel’s success

Exadel a software engineering company that delivers digital platforms and products, announced that it is exceeding 2021 year-end goals for company growth. This success is in part due to its growing list of services and solutions and the support of Sun Capital, which acquired Exadel in March 2021.

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Exadel Reports Projection-Breaking Growth In First Half Of 2021 1

Exadel has added 18 new enterprise clients in the first half of 2021. This boom in client growth is due in part to the rapid increase in the need for digital transformation – whether for businesses that had not yet started the journey, or those that required substantial improvement in their digital offerings. With a growing client base, Exadel has been expanding its team, adding more than 100 people in June 2021 alone. Exadel is on path to grow the company by 30% by the end of the year, exceeding its original projections.


Exadel also expanded its products and services offerings to help clients accelerate their own digital solutions and strategies. There are now more than 25 proprietary solutions and service accelerators created by Exadel engineers, including:

  • CompreFace: Exadel’s open-source face recognition service that can be easily integrated into any system without needing machine learning skills.
  • Exadel Toolbox for AEM: a comprehensive set of developer tools that complements Adobe Experience Manager.
  • CRISP: a Google Chrome extension for automated testing that helps QA teams with any level of experience to auto-generate test code with easy-to-customize features.
  • Smart Library: Exadel Smart Library is a set of reusable components that provide a standard user experience for videos, accordions, images, carousels, audio, scrollable tabs, and more.
  • Exadel Audits: Exadel provides software auditing services for Quality Assurance, DevOps, Agile, MarTech, and other areas to help customers reimagine their processes and systems.
  • KeywordFlow: Exadel KeywordFlow allows QA teams to quickly and easily start writing testing scenarios, even without understanding the underlying technology or platform.

“This is a great time for Exadel as we reach new heights in our business,” said Fima Katz, president and CEO of Exadel. “This is a company made up of hard-working, passionate people and this success is all due to their contributions. Our ingenuity continues to grow and we look forward to creating even more solutions to help our customers succeed.”

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