Domino’s Indonesia Onboards SaaS Major, Netcore Cloud’s Customer Engagement & Product Experience Platforms to Enhance User Experience

Netcore Cloud, a profitable SaaS company and global leader in customer communication, engagement and retention, has been onboarded by multinational pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s in Indonesia. Netcore Cloud’s AI-powered capabilities will help the brand build a 360-degree understanding with user analytics improving overall marketing and product strategy.

Netcore’s Customer Engagement platform creates a unified profile of each customer by stitching together data points from every customer interaction across online and offline channels. Therefore, the customer behavior can be analysed at every stage of their conversion journey enabling marketers to tweak their strategy using real-time dashboard insights on revenue, DAU, app stickiness, user flows, or any other north star metric. The 

Product Experience Platform makes it possible to deploy walkthroughs and nudges guiding users through the app or website with intuitive and delightful experiences ensuring goal-driven actions. Therefore, moving users down the conversion funnel faster is made possible. With the combined powers of these platforms, Domino’s will be able to create journeys for customers that are more contextual and relevant. Increased relevance means better user experience & therefore repeated engagement.

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Siddhesh Sawant, Regional Vice President – Indonesia Netcore Cloud, “Empowered by our Contextual Nudges & Walkthroughs, Indonesians will now be able gain one-on-one suggestions while ordering their favorite pizzas & beverages on the Domino’s app & website. With our Customer Engagement platform, Domino’s will now be able to analyze customer behavior at every stage of their conversion journey and undertake appropriate actions. This will naturally improve customer satisfaction & thereby sales for Domino’s and thereof is a sure win-win.”

Mayank Singh, Chief Digital Officer & VP – Marketing, Digital Business & IT, Domino’s Pizza Indonesia, “At Domino’s Pizza Indonesia, we take pride in our position as the country’s number one QSR food ordering app. Being the World’s number one Pizza chain, we are committed to providing the best customer experience for both our iOS and Android users, whether they order takeaway (2 mins Pickup Guarantee) or delivery (30 mins Delivery Guarantee). To enhance our customer experience and engagement and further improve our order conversion rate, we are excited to partner with Netcore and leverage their Nudges and Customer Engagement Platforms. With Netcore’s advanced customer experience products and services, we are confident that we can continue to deliver unparalleled value to our loyal customers.”


Consumer Engagement expert, Netcore Cloud has been making successful strides for over two decades in 22 markets globally and today serves over 6500 clients including CIMB Niaga, FWD Life, Bluebirdgroup, Panorama JTB, Bussan Auto Finance, Qerja & Capital Life.

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