Digs Exits Beta, Announces AI-Powered Homeowner Experience & Unveils Thumbtack Partnership

Digs Exits Beta, Announces AI-Powered Homeowner Experience & Unveils Thumbtack Partnership

Digs, a web-based collaboration platform for home builders and homeowners, announces the official release of its software and the launch of its homeowner experience. Digs is also partnering with Thumbtack, a technology leader building the modern home management platform, to connect its new homeowner experience [digital twin] feature with pros nationwide.

After a successful beta launch at the International Builders Show (IBS) in February, Digs is now being used nationwide, with builders and homeowners from almost all 50 states and Canada, resulting in nearly half a billion dollars worth of homes on the platform.

“Digs has incorporated months of real-world usage and feedback from the builder community, and this launch will, for the first time, allow builders to hand off homes digitally – moving the physical home binder from the junk drawer into the cloud. This represents a significant milestone for our company.” Says Ryan Fink,

CEO & Co-Founder at Digs.

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Digs homeowner experience is a complete digital version of a home [digital twin] in the cloud. Homeowners can seamlessly share their digital home with skilled professionals for all maintenance and home project needs, enabling them to manage all aspects of the homeownership journey and fully understand their home for the first time.

Nick Schiffer, Founder of Boston-based NS Builders, is a pioneer in providing high-end full-service client experiences. “We’re excited to be working with Digs — to not only help them develop the software further, but to utilize the software at NS Builders for all of our post-construction needs. Having a program to help us keep everything in one spot for a clean client handoff will be great for homeowners and our Home Care technicians. This will make our post-construction services that much more efficient and cost-effective.”

Ty Frackiewicz, CPO & Co-Founder at Digs expands upon the vision for the homeowner experience. “We are partnering with a leader in the space, Thumbtack, who connects homeowners with a team of professionals to help care for every aspect of their new home. This is an immense value-add for builders to hand over a home to their clients with a full digital record and a built-in network to support in maintaining their most valuable asset.”

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Through the Thumbtack API, Digs homeowners are intelligently matched to skilled local professionals with the right expertise, availability, and pricing – available nationwide. With Digs, homeowners can invite pros into their cloud-based virtual [digs] home to understand the full context of the space before they arrive on site.

“We’re excited to partner with Digs, not only to help connect homeowners with the right pros, but also to provide pros with deeper context for the project before ever stepping foot onsite,” said David Steckel, Senior Director of Partnerships at Thumbtack. “This integration will allow for an even more seamless and hassle-free experience for both pros and homeowners from the beginning of the home improvement journey.”

Digs is also teaming up with one of its earliest residential construction partners, Cascade West Development, which specializes in high-end and comprehensive home construction, to expand Digs’ offering to two of its latest residential communities – Trails at Whipple Creek and Firestone Ridge totaling over $100 million home value on the platform.

“We partnered closely with Digs from day one because we strongly believe that bringing our clients’ visions to life takes deep communication. Digs allows us to collaborate with our homeowners effortlessly and document every detail, so we can focus on our craft of bringing their vision to life.” Says Ron Wagner at Cascade West.

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