DATAMARK Adds CCTV Integration to INSIDE Indoor Mapping Solution

DATAMARK Adds CCTV Integration to INSIDE Indoor Mapping Solution

DATAMARK, the public safety geographic information systems (GIS) team of Michael Baker International, announced the integration of closed-circuit television (CCTV) into INSIDE, DATAMARK’s cloud-native Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to enhance indoor location intelligence and enable mission-critical decision making during public safety incident response. INSIDE’s end-to-end indoor mapping solutions enable collaboration between public safety officials, schools and facility managers and the addition of CCTV to its product features allows organizations to leverage real-time situational awareness alongside indoor mapping data in one easy-to-navigate platform.

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“As the public safety industry moves toward a digital transformation, the time to prioritize the creation and accessibility of indoor maps is now. INSIDE enables smart floorplans for safer futures and with the integration of CCTV, we are adding an additional tool for emergency dispatchers, first responders and school safety personnel to create safer spaces,” said Ashley Buzzeo,

Associate Vice President of Product at DATAMARK.  “With the addition of real-time video viewing capabilities within INSIDE, CCTV provides public safety with tools to quickly identify and respond to emergencies and extend their reach beyond physical presence.”

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DATAMARK’s INSIDE solution is built upon Esri’s latest technology and provides users with a secure platform to create, manage and view highly accurate indoor data with tools to facilitate effective exit planning, easy access to emergency assets and improved incident response. With CCTV integration, the software now allows building owners to securely add their existing devices to the indoor mapping environment and permits public safety officials to act quickly and view the valuable video data. CCTV controls are enabled in the web browser to allow specific viewing of incident areas. INSIDE provides users with all licensing, tools and features to efficiently manage and share indoor location information and is compatible with Esri’s ArcGIS Indoor platform.


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