Cybersecurity No Longer Seen As A Cost Center, But As A Business Enabler Trend Micro

Cybersecurity No Longer Seen As A Cost Center, But As A Business Enabler Trend Micro

The company will take a SaaS-first approach in India to address the cybersecurity needs of enterprises 

CLOUDSEC 2021, one of the industry’s biggest cybersecurity events hosted by Trend Micro Incorporated attracted thought leaders and technology experts across sectors speaking at the virtual event this year. The speakers opined that Modern Architecture, Security by Design, Attack Surface and Business Enabler are the four key aspects that will play a pivotal role for organisations in defining their cybersecurity posture.

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The panelists emphasized that the need of the hour is to develop a platform-based approach than having a single point-based approach. With innovation fueling the change in enterprise architecture, unsecure innovation could lead to data loss and breaches. Hence, it is important to create a culture of cybersecurity where business leaders talk about the importance of cybersecurity within the company, and this is where Security by Design comes into picture. With an increased adoption of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code security, there is an explosion of the attack surface. A good starting point for enterprises would be to quantify their attacks and focus on what to protect. The time has come wherein cybersecurity can’t just support the business but has to be a business enabler.


Cybersecurity No Longer Seen As A Cost Center, But As A Business Enabler Trend Micro 1

During the event, Trend Micro also outlined its cloud-based solutions and its traction in India. This year, the company has acquired more than 200 customers from BFSI, retail and healthcare sectors. Trend Micro provides identity centric risk insights for organisations and with Zero Trust networks, it is important to ensure tighter security controls and right kind of visibility across different security layers whether it is endpoint, network, email or cloud.

Vijendra Katiyar, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro said, “With a major focus on cloud, Trend Micro’s commitment to India market has grown tremendously. We have made significant investments in setting up XDR and Cloud One data centers hosted out of India to drive data localisation in a big way. This growth will continue to happen and as far as the roadmap is concerned, Trend Micro will take a SaaS-first approach and our vision is around innovation in technologies, that will benefit our customers in addressing their cybersecurity needs.”

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Sharing his advice to government sector organisations, Himanshu Gupta, Director – Government Business India, Trend Micro added, “With government segment being targeted more often nowadays, the ideal model for cyber resilience is – ‘Adapt, Anticipate and Evolve’. Security shouldn’t be an afterthought and needs to be built early and brought into the framework. It is recommended for organisations to implement an adaptive security control mechanism that can also be automated and understand the risks that they can take. As they have budget constraints, they should opt for an optimal security approach and do a right cost benefit analysis to get maximum ROI.”

It was noteworthy that most of the customers in India were considering deploying resources towards a combination of hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. With Trend Micro Cloud One, a SaaS-based, single sign-on powerful all-in-one solution, organisations can meet and manage the cloud security needs today and in the future.

If cybercrime was an economy, it would be the third largest in the world, after the US and China; that’s the scale at which it’s exponentially growing’, was one of the observations made. Though enterprises have invested in technologies like SEIM and SOAR which are very good platforms, they are still struggling to prioritize the early alerts and vulnerabilities. Trend Micro has a very interesting approach to contain these risks with Vison One which goes beyond XDR by analyzing and correlating security telemetry from endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, emails, and networks—enabling SOC teams to prioritize and respond to threats more effectively.

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