Contentstack, EPAM and Uniform Create Personalization Proof of Concept Using Mach Technology in Less Than 90 Days

  • Full Personalized Travel Experience Will Be Demoed at the Digital Experience Summit on July 29

Contentstack, the leading Content Experience Platform (CXP), EPAM Systems, a leading global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, and Uniform, a leading edge personalization platform, announced the creation of a complete personalization proof of concept in less than 90 days. This project used microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless (MACH) technologies to create a full personalized travel customer journey. The approach demonstrates how quickly any business can leverage existing technology to build an end-to-end personalized experience.

Contentstack, EPAM and Uniform Create Personalization Proof of Concept Using Mach Technology in Less Than 90 Days 1


“With the personalization proof of concept, we are continuing to demonstrate that a MACH approach can finally deliver on the promises expected from a personalization strategy, often touted and rarely delivered by monolithic suites due to technological complexities and cost,” said Peter Fogelsanger, Global Head of Partnerships for Contentstack. “By creating a blueprint for companies to implement personalization quickly and without the complexity of rules-based solutions, Contentstack and our partners have dramatically reduced the risk to marketers who want to create a major differentiator for their brand.”

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In a Gartner report “Cool Vendors in Personalization”, October 8, 2020, Gartner recommends that “digital marketing leaders responsible for marketing technology should pilot personalization in proven channels like web and email, but also seize the opportunity to expand personalization efforts by targeting their audience with relevant content on mobile — especially given its intimacy and proximity — as well as digital advertising.”[1]

“Most of the businesses I talk to are ready for personalization, many have tried it, and I think the question becomes how to do it,” said Neal Prescott, Vice President of Digital Technology at EPAM Systems. “By using a headless CMS and MACH personalization engine, omnichannel is baked in, enabling you to experiment and create truly differentiated experiences for customers across all the various interactions.”

Personalization is crucial for business differentiation now that everything has become digital. Traditional personalization used rules-based techniques like segment-based targeting, event-triggered retargeting and A/B testing. Not only are these simplistic approaches, it was often overly complicated and difficult to implement well. Technologies to implement often lacked full cloud capabilities which impacted site performance, turning the dream of an individualized customer experience into a digital nightmare.


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Now, Contentstack, EPAM and Uniform have demonstrated that personalization can be successfully implemented in less than 12 weeks. By using an API-first, headless personalization engine in combination with an API-first content management system (CMS), business teams have an easy and intuitive way to adopt an experimentation mindset that will continuously improve business outcomes and quickly deliver a more personal digital customer experience. Running on cloud-native SaaS, technology teams benefit from enterprise-grade scale, front-end freedom and ecosystem connectivity that propels agile teams into the future.

“This project is about demonstrating the speed at which companies can create and deliver an omnichannel experience to customers that is highly relevant to their intents,” said Lars Petersen, Co-founder of Uniform. “We are showing that with modern technology and smart implementation partners, marketers can start testing personalization with a simple use case and without re-architecting your entire system to do it. We know how to do it and can show you how.”

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