Conga Modernizes Contract Management for the Digital World with Launch of Conga CLM

Conga Modernizes Contract Management for the Digital World with Launch of Conga CLM

Digitizing the documents and automating the workflows in contract management enables businesses of all sizes to work smarter and manage better

Conga, the leader in digital transformation for commercial operations, announced its launch of Conga CLM, the first release of unified products since Conga joined with Apttus in May. With a full range of contract management capabilities for businesses of all sizes, Conga is now the only provider in the market with the flexibility required to grow and adapt alongside companies as business models and industries continue to evolve.

In today’s unpredictable business landscape, many organizations have been forced to transform into fully digital operations, despite their level of readiness. Conga CLM enables companies to move up the contract management maturity curve regardless of where they began, addressing a major challenge in contract management – picking between lightweight solutions that do not grow with evolving needs or selecting a feature-rich solution that largely goes unused.


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Conga CLM ends the era of manual and disjointed contract processes by delivering higher-quality customer experiences through automation and increased visibility. On average, Conga CLM customers achieve a 45% increase in contract accuracy and 42% faster contract processing. The new Conga CLM offers various contract management features, including:

  • Online Contract Collaboration (OCC): An online user interface where any approved individuals can comment and redline an agreement, leading to shorter contract cycle times.
  • Template Management: The self-service template management is based in Microsoft Word and simple enough for non-technical users to manage, lowering total cost of ownership for the business.
  • Source-to-Pay Integrations: Enabling customers to connect their CLM application to their source-to-pay systems, including SAP Ariba, and Workday.

“From my recent demo and experience with Conga CLM, I’m very impressed with the strong user experience and innovative capabilities,” says Ryan O’Leary, Senior Research Analyst at IDC Research. “The solution addresses many of the use cases clients are dealing with in these dynamic times with strong integration and overall portfolio including Conga Sign. Conga’s eSignature is among the easiest to use and has a seamless integration with their CLM.”

“Our goal is to provide organizations with a contract management solution wherever they fall on the contract management maturity curve so that their most critical processes can evolve and adapt as their business changes and grows,” says Eric Carrasquilla, SVP of Product at Conga. “Conga CLM is delivered by an ecosystem of hundreds of partners so businesses can work smarter and manage better.”


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Other features launched in Conga’s Winter 2020 release include:

  • TurboCommerce: Powered by Conga’s single data model, TurboCommerce yields a 10x performance improvement for pricing so customers can fully realize the power of TurboEngines.
  • Quoting with Conga Sign: Sign quotes via an e-signature application that is fully integrated with CPQ for a smooth and seamless process, leading to a better workflow and customer experience.
  • External Data Merge: Easily generate documents from multiple source systems, including sources off of the Salesforce platform, with Conga Composer.
  • Signer Attachment and Redirect: Get business done in fewer steps and with less parties involved with an enhanced signer experience in Conga Sign.
  • Approval Center: Increase efficiency by managing approvals in your organization all in one place.

With Conga, businesses move faster to meet customer needs today while increasing agility to prepare for every possible tomorrow.

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