Collaborative Improvement Solution For Product Development Teams Now Available Within Jira Software

Shamaym’s Solution Enable Development Teams to Accelerate Learning from Every Success or Mistake, Make Retrospectives Actionable, and Deliver Higher Quality Products with Shorter Cycles

 Shamaym a leading provider of collaborative real-time learning solutions, announced the integration of its platform with Jira Software and the availability of the Shamaym plug-in through the Atlassian Software Marketplace.

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The Shamaym solution empowers developers with relevant knowledge and lessons learned from their team members in order to maximize performance, avoid repeated mistakes, and make retrospectives more effective and actionable. The collaborative learning platform is powered by AI, automating the learning process so users receive timely insights at the exact moment of need.


Collaborative Improvement Solution For Product Development Teams Now Available Within Jira Software 1

Transforming Project Management into Continuous Improvement

The Shamaym integration with Jira Software allows development teams to capture important lessons learned in the same platform they use daily for managing development projects, sprints, and issues. By utilizing the same software, development teams have the advantage of transforming the project management solution into a platform for continuous improvement and accelerated learning.

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Elevating the Performance of All Team Members 

Through the Shamaym platform, high performing team members can share tips for success, making teams smarter with valuable and actionable insights. By creating constant cycles of learning, all team members can benefit from knowledge sharing, increasing their potential for success and creating an even balance of knowledge across the corporation.

Empowering Managers to Be Better Coaches 


With immediate visibility to issues and lessons learned reported throughout each sprint and release, managers can quickly understand the challenges and blockers for every team member and offer targeted and effective real-time guidance, making 1:1s and coaching more effective.

Making Retrospectives Actionable 

Using Shamaym, team members come to the retrospective prepared with insights and lessons learned captured throughout the sprint. The platform highlights actionable takeaways from previous sprints, providing a better informed starting point for the next sprint or release.

Akamai Technologies turned to Shamaym as a solution for improving delivery quality and timelines. In addition to the agile methodologies the teams at Akamai had in place, they were looking for “something that would change employees’ mindset to act as a leader and have a sense of ownership,” according to Aryeh Sivan, Senior Director of Engineering. “Shamaym allows everyone to take part in our retrospectives—including employees that did not normally participate—so now everyone benefits from our collective learning.” Using the Shamaym solution, the team at Akamai saw an 86% reduction in monthly incidents and 60% fewer customer escalations.

“Development teams are under constant pressure to deliver, often rushing from one sprint to the next without a proper opportunity to reflect, learn, and improve,” said Ofir Paldi, co-founder and CEO of Shamaym. “By turning learning into part of the daily work process, we empower team members to initiate quick improvement cycles that can immediately turn into corrective actions, resulting in higher quality releases and greater satisfaction for team members.”

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