CircleCI Improves Software Testing Performance with Test Insights

CircleCI Improves Software Testing Performance with Test Insights

CircleCI, the leading continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform, announced Test Insights, the latest feature to CircleCI’s Insights dashboard, extending analytics functionality into a critical aspect of software development — test performance.

Insights capabilities are an increasingly important part of the CI/CD process to understand the impact of changes and ensure the highest quality release. CircleCI’s Test Insights provides more visibility into the testing process, enabling teams to achieve greater velocity by quickly identifying and recovering from failed or flaky tests, with higher accuracy as the byproduct.

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CircleCI Improves Software Testing Performance with Test Insights 1

According to CircleCI data, the average failed workflow wastes approximately 30 minutes. With more than 4,000 flaky tests identified per day, CircleCI users can now save more than 2,000 otherwise wasted hours per day, collectively, through eliminating flaky test failures. Test Insights help engineering teams make better, more informed decisions that allow them to efficiently deliver software to their users with confidence.

“Using Test Insights, teams save more of their most valuable resource — time — by addressing code failures faster, pinpointing the source of bugs or threats more quickly, and more accurately forecasting trends and patterns for complete workflow optimization. These insights create value immediately at every level of the engineering organization,” said Apurva Joshi, CPO, CircleCI.

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Test Insights is one of many data-drive features that make up CircleCI’s Insights dashboard, powered by software processing data from more than 3 million jobs per day. Solutions like CircleCI’s Insights dashboard are indispensable to software-driven businesses, enabling engineering teams to make actionable, meaningful improvements to their development processes.

“Engineering teams everywhere are seeking velocity and a faster time to market. Investing in developer experience is a key element of delivering software more efficiently. By helping teams identify and resolve issues with failed and flaky tests, CircleCI enables developers to spend more time innovating and creating quality software and less time troubleshooting. This can help customers increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of their deployments,” said Rachel Stephens, Sr. Analyst, RedMonk.

Additional benefits of CircleCI’s Test Insights include:

  • Flaky test detection. Pinpoint tests with unpredictable behavior, determine which tests have the potential to pass and fail indeterminately through proactive flagging.
  • Improved velocity. Identify the longest running and most failed tests, quickly act to fix them, and get back to developing sooner, for overall improved efficiency.
  • Meaningful lookback periods to understand performance changes over time. Pinpoint changes in behavior and performance, and diagnose the culprits behind these changes in order to improve efficiency moving forward.
  • Ability to make actionable improvements with insight trends. Find relative benchmarks at the organization, workflow-level, and job-level, as well as trends for Mean Time to Recovery, Throughput, and Duration metrics, for 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day time windows to easily track team productivity.

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