CallFinder Rolls Out New Release Poised To Optimize Customer Engagement

CallFinder Rolls Out New Release Poised To Optimize Customer Engagement

CallFinder, the market-leading provider of SaaS speech analytics technology and automated quality monitoring solutions, announced a new release that provides businesses with greater insights into customer interactions to improve CX and reduce customer churn.

This release marks the official launch of Insights, which includes sentiment analysis by agent, in conjunction with silence and overtalk, developed to help organizations meet the increasing demands of the modern contact center. CallFinder’s Insights provides context and meaning to customer interactions for a broader understanding of how customers experience products, services, or brands, through the conversations they have with contact center agents.


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The experts behind Insights understand that the customer experience is part of a multi-faceted approach to identifying the behaviors that result in positive outcomes and ensuring that agents have the right skills to reach those outcomes. With the release of Insights, CallFinder delivers on its commitment to offer an affordable, accessible, and flexible AQM solution that helps businesses of all sizes understand what ultimately drives revenue—their customers.

By measuring periods of silence and overtalk, along with sentiment analysis, Insights provides expanded agent performance information, identifying agent gaps in listening skills, unprepared employees who need refreshed training on scripts or other tools, and common customer pain points. Together, the sentiment and conversation metrics extracted from Insights help uncover dissatisfaction events to quickly reveal why customers are upset and proactively train call center employees accordingly to mitigate future occurrences.

Insights show the percentage of silence within a call for both the customer and agent and how often the caller and agent spoke at the same time (overtalk events). Additionally, silence and overtalk unlocks insights on how agents are trained and even the tools they use to assist customers.

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Calls with longer periods of silence, for instance, may be symptomatic of gaps in agent training, such as the agent taking too long to provide an answer. Long silences can also indicate technical issues with the agent’s software, or any number of snags that reduce operational efficiency and potentially leave the agent with an angry customer.

“We’re continuing to evolve the CallFinder solution to meet the needs of our clients and empower them to efficiently enhance the customer experience. Our continued drive to transform customer operations has led us to develop this most recent CallFinder release. Insights provides deeper analytics and a viewpoint into the context and sentiment of interactions and does so quickly and automatically with our dynamic and AI-fueled solution,” says Laura Noonan, SVP of Sales and Marketing for CallFinder.

Combined with CallFinder’s automated scorecards, Insights will identify whether an agent simply needs help with basic skills (following or deviating from a script), if more nuanced training is needed to improve soft skills, or if other issues are at play. Ultimately, detecting silence and overtalk during conversations ensures that agents are supporting customers in the best way possible. This not only improves the customer experience that they deliver, but it also can drive business growth for their organization.

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