C3 AI Reinvents Enterprise Software UX With C3 AI Data Vision

C3 AI Reinvents Enterprise Software UX With C3 AI Data Vision

C3 AI, the Enterprise AI application software company, announced the launch of C3 AI Data Vision, an AI-powered knowledge graph and insight capability that enables near real-time investigation and collaborative data analysis using interactive, intuitive graph network visualizations.

Today’s enterprise software is inadequate in representing and delivering insights from the massive volume of data available inside and outside of the enterprise. Enterprise software often consists of static lists and forms, and antiquated workflows fail to properly capture the insights from the data at every point in the user workflow to make it insightful and actionable.

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C3 AI Reinvents Enterprise Software UX With C3 AI Data Vision 1

Redefining enterprise software with the addition of C3 AI Data Vision, C3 AI adds to its strong portfolio of products including the C3 AI Suite, C3 AI Applications, C3 AI CRM, and C3 AI Ex Machina.

C3 AI Data Vision is an AI-powered knowledge and insight product enabling the future of enterprise software. C3 AI Data Vision enables advanced network and temporal analytics through a rich visual and interactive workflow-enabled interface. C3 AI Data Vision allows organizations to extract valuable insights from their data by interrelating disparate data, machine learning (ML) models, and associated processes to provide graphic visualization and analysis, allowing analysts to conduct deep investigations powered by enterprise AI.

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Using C3 AI Data Vision, organizations can:

  • Readily visualize and understand the interdependencies of data, application processes, ML models, and user personas as modeled in the C3 AI Suite.
  • Run more effective analyses through a unified graphical representation of all entities and interactions across time and space.
  • Accelerate investigations with enterprise AI that automatically surfaces relevant entities, relationships, and patterns, while locating supporting evidence through a comprehensive metadata catalog and data lineage.
  • Attain new insights more quickly and effectively through secure and scalable data ingest pipelines that parse information in near real-time and immediately expose the most recent insights to all users with alerts and collaborative workflows.

“C3 AI Data Vision changes the game in enterprise AI,” said C3 AI CEO Thomas M. Siebel. “This represents a step function in intuitive user-interface design for enterprise application software. After three decades, we have finally moved beyond clunky tables and forms.”

With C3 AI Data Vision, data analysts and developers can easily:

  • Visualize data from multiple sources, including both structured and unstructured data.
  • Use predictive relationship management (e.g., people, organizations, locations, things, and events) in a time-varying graph network visualization while capturing and maintaining all temporal and spatial relationships.
  • Review all interactions across entities and visualize the interaction density across time, discovering patterns and temporal shifts to reveal next best actions and explore new hypotheticals.
  • Uncover potential targets, anomalies, complex patterns, and entity relationships via AI-based insights.
  • Visualize all metadata relationships for data, analytics, and ML models, including the rich reusability and inheritance structure.
  • Trace all data and analytic outputs back to their source.

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