Boomerang Adds Calendar Scheduling Features to Its Email Productivity Apps

Boomerang Adds Calendar Scheduling Features to Its Email Productivity Apps

Make meetings happen: Fewer emails, no transcription errors, and a solution that works anywhere

Boomerang, the world’s most popular extension for Gmail and Outlook, added scheduling features inside of Boomerang for Gmail and Boomerang for iOS. The addition extends Boomerang into the most powerful scheduling app you’ve ever used.

Meeting scheduling is a necessary evil. Scheduling software comes with a unique set of challenges like finding available times for meetings to happen. With the new appointment scheduling features inside of Boomerang for Gmail these frustrations are gone.

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The new scheduling tool gives you the ability to suggest meeting times or to share your free/busy schedule from right inside your email. With Event Detection in emails you receive, Boomerang for Gmail just became the most powerful and convenient scheduling tool ever.

The reason Boomerang’s scheduling features are the most powerful ever is the Magic Live Calendar. It’s a live, interactive view of your schedule, embedded directly inside an email. The patented technology behind the Magic Live Calendar updates this view behind the scenes in real time, as your schedule changes. So now you can share your calendar from your inbox.

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“We are looking forward to having coronavirus behind us and being able to meet in person,” said Alex Moore, Boomerang CEO. “In the meantime, we have optimized for the virtual world by saving your conferencing links and auto-detecting links from Zoom meetings, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.”

Boomerang is also the most powerful meeting scheduling software that’s ever existed in a mobile app. Every feature available on the Web is also available in the iOS app. Boomerang for iOS is the only email app in the App Store with the ability to suggest meetings or share your availability with one tap.

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