BlackBerry QNX Software Is Now Embedded in Over 195 Million Vehicles

BlackBerry QNX Software Is Now Embedded in Over 195 Million Vehicles

Blackberry QNX Royalty Revenue Backlog Increased 9% Year-Over-Year

BlackBerry Limited announced that Strategy Analytics, a leading independent research firm, has determined BlackBerry QNX software is now embedded in over 195 million vehicles, an increase of 20 million from the year before.

BlackBerry QNX is the market leader for safety-certified embedded software in automotive.  Automakers and Tier 1s, including Aptiv, BMW, Bosch, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Volkswagen, trust BlackBerry QNX software for a broad range of critical systems.  These include Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Digital Cockpits and Secure Data Gateways, all of which are becoming increasingly prevalent in vehicles.  Furthermore, BlackBerry QNX is key to the future of the automotive industry, with design wins with 23 of the top 25 electric vehicle automakers, and providing a safe, reliable, and secure software foundation for autonomous drive vehicle systems.


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BlackBerry also announced that BlackBerry QNX royalty revenue backlog has increased to $490 million at the end of its first quarter of fiscal year 2022.  This represents a 9% increase, from $450 million last year.  The backlog metric is calculated using contracted prices and future production volume estimates provided by the customer when they award BlackBerry a design win.  BlackBerry QNX has recently announced design wins with industry leaders such as Baidu, Desay SV, Scania, Volvo, and XPeng.

“BlackBerry continues to clearly demonstrate its leadership position in safety-critical embedded automotive software, with both an increased vehicle count and strong growth in royalty revenue backlog.  Achieving over 195 million vehicles marks the sixth consecutive year that this count has increased,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman & CEO, BlackBerry.  “We continue to innovate our platform, which further strengthens our market advantage.  BlackBerry QNX is very well positioned to capitalize on the secular trends of greater safety-critical software in the car, the transition to electric vehicles and the move towards autonomous drive.”


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“BlackBerry’s industry footprint continues to outpace overall market growth, as demonstrated by today’s announcement, which was achieved in spite of a challenging year for the automotive industry,” said Roger Lanctot, Director, Automotive Connected Mobility, Strategy Analytics.  “Over the past six years, BlackBerry has successfully extended its market impact beyond infotainment, enabling wider adoption of advanced, safety critical systems in connected-autonomous vehicles.”

BlackBerry engaged with research and industry analyst firm, Strategy Analytics to verify the volume of vehicles embedded with BlackBerry QNX’s software, based on the number of BlackBerry QNX products that are shipped in the automotive market and the number of cars that contain BlackBerry QNX products and technology.  The vast majority of BlackBerry QNX’s software products that are integrated and used in automotive ECUs are licensed on a per-unit royalty basis.  BlackBerry QNX technology includes QNX® Neutrino® OS, QNX Platform for ADAS, QNX® OS for Safety, QNX® CAR Platform for Infotainment, QNX® Platform for Digital Cockpits, QNX® Hypervisor 2.2 and QNX acoustics middleware.

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