BASELABS Offers IP Acquisition of its Software for Automated Driving in ASIL D

BASELABS Offers IP Acquisition of its Software for Automated Driving in ASIL D

BASELABS, the specialist for sensor fusion, is now offering the acquisition of its complete software IP in the field of environment perception for automated driving in ASIL D. In contrast to the previous licensing model, buyers of the IP will be able to use the software without restrictions. The high maturity of the BASELABS technologies enables their use in safety-critical applications for highly automated systems such as L4 vehicles and high-volume driver assistance applications (ADAS).

The BASELABS portfolio includes BASELABS Dynamic Grid, the latest low-level sensor fusion technology ready for series production, which is particularly suitable for high-resolution sensors and complex driving environments. Furthermore, BASELABS Create Embedded, a library optimized over many years for embedded use, can be acquired mainly for NCAP functions. Both products include a complete development and validation infrastructure and all process artifacts required for use in series production.


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“The outstanding customer feedback on our technologies over many years motivated us now to offer the model of ownership of our software IP requested by many market participants. Buyers of our software will receive safety-certified technologies for the vehicles of tomorrow and thus increase the safety of automated traffic worldwide,” says Robin Schubert, Managing Director of BASELABS.

BASELABS is executing on the vision of “safe automated driving for all vehicles.” The company provides software IP to enhance the performance of environment awareness and strengthens the strategic position of its customers in the race for the “software-defined vehicle.” BASELABS is a trustworthy partner for automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The company was founded in 2012 and is owned by Vector Informatik GmbH. Thus, it is strategically independent of any OEM, Tier 1, or sensor supplier in the market.


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