Aunalytics Leverages Alluxio As A “One-Stop-Shop” for Data I/O with Faster Analytics

Aunalytics Leverages Alluxio As A “One-Stop-Shop” for Data I/O with Faster Analytics

Realizes 90% Post-Migration Reduction of Data Movement/Copy Requirements; 30% Improved Compute and Delivery Times

Alluxio, the developer of open source data orchestration software for large-scale workloads, announced that Aunalytics, a leading data platform company delivering Insights-as-a-Service for enterprise businesses, deployed Alluxio’s Data Orchestration platform as a key component of its digital transformation strategy resulting in an up to 90% post-migration reduction of their data movement/copy requirements and improved compute and delivery times by up to 30%.

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As an early adopter of Hadoop technologies, Aunalytics generated operational overhead it was now looking to eliminate. Aunalytics planned to implement the next generation of its compute platform which sought to completely segregate storage, compute, and delivery for ease of development and scale, with an adaptive data platform (Aunsight™) which is capable of submitting workloads to many compute services sourcing data from many storage environments.

Aunalytics Leverages Alluxio As A “One-Stop-Shop” for Data I/O with Faster Analytics 1

Challenged with centralizing on a well-known storage environment such as NFS, iSCSI, etc. which would be fraught with performance, consistency, and concurrency issues; or adopting a many/any storage environment with a single point of access for those systems, the team adopted Alluxio. This provided a centralized data I/O interface to simplify integrations with newer compute engines going forward.


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“The combination of Aunalytics cloud-native data analytics platform coupled with Alluxio’s open-source data orchestration software enables customers to harness the power of universal data access across all data sources and derive AI-driven answers for competitive advantage,” said Tom Panozzo, Analytics Cloud CTO, Aunalytics.

Alluxio presents Aunalytics compute environments with a single point of access for all stored data regardless of its volume, velocity, or storage I/O performance capabilities. This allows the team’s developers to focus on analytics integrations irrespective of storage environment limitations or compatibility. Alluxio is the primary data access and write mechanism for the batch compute environment, dynamic query environment, and primary product DaybreakTM.

“Alluxio has allowed the Aunalytics team to leverage its existing legacy Hadoop storage, new private-cloud storage, and future bulk object storage for cost-efficient, scalable storage flexibility over time,” said John Mracek, SVP, Sales and Marketing, Alluxio. “Aunalytics avoids the complexity of supporting legacy environments as the platform continues to evolve. We are excited to further our collaboration with Aunalytics as they continue to leverage open source compute projects adjacent to the Daybreak product, supported by Aunsight and Alluxio, in the AI workspace to deliver collective products.”

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