Aparavi Launches In Europe With The Appointment Of Gregor Bieler As CEO

Aparavi Launches In Europe With The Appointment Of Gregor Bieler As CEO

Former General Manager of Microsoft Germany to Head Leading Data Intelligence Platform

 APARAVI Software Corporation, the trusted disruptor in unstructured data management,  announced the company’s launch of its European subsidiary in Munich, Germany, and the appointment of Gregor Bieler, former General Manager and member of the Executive Board of Microsoft Germany, as CEO EMEA.

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Aparavi’s mission is to put companies of all sizes in control of their data and sustainably increase their business success. The Aparavi Platform is the core of the solution, which is based on intelligent machine learning. Thanks to the intuitive UI, companies can easily discover, classify, optimize, and exploit their data without needing in-depth IT knowledge.


“I am proud to join Aparavi, which has proven itself as an essential Platform in data intelligence in the U.S. and Europe,” says Gregor Bieler, adding, “Every company should have greater insight of their data and know with certainty how to use it profitably for itself to secure competitive advantages. I am very much looking forward to supporting Aparavi.”

Aparavi Launches In Europe With The Appointment Of Gregor Bieler As CEO 1

Before Aparavi, Bieler was General Manager at Microsoft. He was responsible for expanding the partner business, which accounts for more than 90 percent of sales. Prior to that, he held management positions at PayPal and Logitech Europe and was CEO of the mobile payment provider Unwire. Bieler is part of several international advisory boards, including IT services provider Dustin in Stockholm, workforce IT provider ATOSS in Munich and GlobalLogic, a product development expert in Silicon Valley.

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Know and exploit your digital assets


Data is the new currency – it exists in large quantities in every company and can provide valuable insights into optimized processes, improving the customer experience or unlocking new business opportunities. However, studies have shown that 80 percent of corporate data lies dormant and unstructured on servers. As a result, companies have no control over this alleged capital and cannot use it in a way that generates profit. Yet, this data is often the key to success in securing sustainable competitive advantages.

“Companies need control over their data to leverage hidden potential. Aparavi gives them this control – that’s our mission,” said Adrian Knapp, founder of Aparavi. “We are very pleased to have Gregor Bieler as CEO EMEA. His global market expertise, experience with partners, the channel, and enterprises – from mid-sized companies to DAX corporations – is the ideal mix to help us with our mission. I am excited to have Gregor tackle this task with Aparavi.”

Using Machine Learning to Achieve Success: Finding, Classifying, Optimizing and Using Data

Aparavi shows how easy and cost-effective it can be to control your own company data:

  • Increase business potential: The Aparavi Platform is the core of the cloud-based solution. It includes the intuitive UI – even inexperienced employees can easily and cost-effectively discover, classify, optimize, and use unstructured data in any IT environment – whether on premise, in the cloud, or hybrid – to leverage business potential.
  • Increase performance: Aparavi helps consolidate or dispose of data quickly and easily to reduce the load on systems and improve IT performance.
  • Secure Compliance Management: Thanks to hundreds of predefined industry-specific policies and global patterns, Aparavi enables organizations to implement and comply with policies, guidelines and regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”).
  • Rapid deployment: The solution can be implemented in any organization within 30 minutes.

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