Alert Logic MSP Partner Channel Grows 70% with Increasing Demand for Managed Detection and Response

Alert Logic MSP Partner Channel Grows 70% with Increasing Demand for Managed Detection and Response

Alert Logic announced the latest expansion of its SaaS-enabled managed detection and response (MDR) solution from a growing base of channel partners focused on delivering advanced cybersecurity services. In mid-2020, Alert Logic launched a new tier of its Partner Connect program geared to improve unit economics and derived value for managed service providers (MSPs). Mission and OneNeck are driving increasing demand for comprehensive MDR with companies undergoing cloud transformation, contributing to Alert Logic’s significant channel traction. Over the last twelve months, the company has expanded its MSP pipeline by nearly 150% while growing bookings by 70%.

“The need for MDR services is really taking off and we are honored to have been named Alert Logic’s top MSP partner by accelerating their global MDR leadership position,” said Katie McCullough, Chief Information Security Officer, OneNeck. “Alert Logic MDR is the proven industry standard for organizations in search of an all-encompassing cybersecurity solution that effectively addresses both pre- and post-breach protection.”

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Alert Logic MSP Partner Channel Grows 70% with Increasing Demand for Managed Detection and Response 1

Because no amount of prevention stops 100% of attacks, organizations that focus their security efforts only on pre-breach strategies are much more vulnerable to being severely impacted by sophisticated cyber attackers. Achieving an optimal cybersecurity posture requires a comprehensive approach, best delivered by an MDR provider that has 24/7 pre- and post-breach coverage and adapts its services to the organization’s desired cybersecurity outcomes.

Alert Logic MDR reduces the likelihood of successful attacks while subsequently limiting the volume of incidents that can overload security teams. In December 2020, Alert Logic announced its automated response solution and beta program for AWS environments. With the embedded Alert Logic MDR SOAR capabilities delivered through customized and pre-built playbooks, security teams can have confidence and control in how response actions protect their organizations.

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“It is clear that MDR has become highly valued and a true necessity for midsize organizations that are increasingly resource-strapped,” said Dan Webb, Vice President, Global Partner Sales and Alliances, Alert Logic. “As touted by leading research firms, Alert Logic ‘runs circles around competitors in the cloud’ with our native expertise, data analytics, and platform to ensure our partners and customers always have access to the very best MDR solution out there.”

Alert Logic Launches Evergreen Sales Performance Incentives

Alert Logic has launched two continuous incentives to welcome new partners and their team members.

  • The First Deal incentive awards $750 to each partner account representative or sales engineer for closing/winning their first deal with Alert Logic.
  • The New Partner incentive awards account executives and sales engineers $100 for the first deal registered within 60 days of a signed partner agreement, $500 for the first opportunity generated within 60 days of a signed partner agreement, and $1,000 for the first closed/won deal within 90 days of a signed partner agreement.

New Partner Resource Center Campaign Capabilities

Alert Logic partners can now run email and social media campaigns from within the partner portal without the need for a separate marketing automation tool. Partners can load their own private contacts into the portal, set up nurture campaigns, and run the campaigns directly from there at no cost. They can easily integrate all content available through the portal into emails in the campaign, use pre-built templates, and schedule the entire campaign all at once. Additionally, partners can share pre-written relevant social media posts and imagery on their own social media channels with a few simple clicks.

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