Active Alignment Assembly as a Service Is Now Available at Averna

  • Receive the Benefits of Active Alignment Without Capital Investment and Long Delivery Timelines.

Averna, a leading global Test, Quality & Assembly Solutions provider, announced that it now offers active alignment as a service in multiple locations. As such, customers who are at the design, R&D or manufacturing stage of their product lifecycle will now benefit from the high value of active alignment. As a result, they will be able to defer large capital investments decisions and get their products to market much faster.

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Active Alignment Assembly as a Service Is Now Available at Averna 1

Active alignment quickly and accurately assembles products like camera modules, inkjet heads, µdisplays, die based sensors, projection headlights, medical devices and other high-end products. As an example, the key to a top-quality image for cameras is the smart alignment and fixation of the lens to the imaging sensor, supporting large fields of view and boresight optimization. In many manufacturing processes, 2D and 3D component alignment and positioning are critical for right product operations and performance.

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“This is a great opportunity we now offer our clients,” said Kurt Hensen, Vice-President of Business Development at Averna. “With active alignment as a service, customers don’t have to worry about major capital investments in equipment or setting up the required workforce to operate it. They simply send us their components/requirements and we deliver the final products at the quality they expect in a much shorter timeframe.”

To date, several setups have been built within Averna’s machine vision & assembly labs to deliver a variety of options and volumes.

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