3Diligent Expands ProdEX and Shopsight Applications

New features enable manufacturers to secure qualified new business and better design parts for manufacturability

3Diligent, a leading Industry 4.0 software company and on-demand manufacturing provider, announced updates to its manufacturing-as-a-service application, ProdEX, and its scalable shop management application, Shopsight.

3Diligent’s ProdEX application utilizes proprietary algorithms to assess Requests for Quote (RFQs)
submitted by users and issues quotes or connects them with manufacturers all over the world. Its
Shopsight application provides users access to project opportunities from ProdEX and enables remote assessment, quoting, and project management. Both systems incorporate 3Diligent’s Connect interface which enables customers and manufacturers to communicate directly using a secure online portal and Zoom video conferencing tools.

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Advertising in “Connect”

3Diligent’s latest update introduces manufacturers to the ability to advertise within the Connect interface, addressing one of the key pain points manufacturers struggle with when advertising online. Operating similarly to traditional search engine marketing, manufacturers can create text ads that will display based on a customer’s material and technology requirements. However, unlike traditional search engines, Connect is driven by RFQ inputs rather than generic keyword searches. As a result, manufacturers can customize their bids and visibility on dimensions such as material, technology, and program size to drive higher ROI. This level of customization will also empower ProdEX Connect users seeking qualified manufacturers for their product requirements.

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Design Studio

3Diligent’s ProdEX and Shopsight applications have also been updated to include a Design Studio portal, enabling users to better develop new products. Users can upload their design files and request a collection of design for manufacturing studies to be run on their design. With these studies, users can identify ways to improve their design to accelerate manufacturing and reduce costs. The manufacturing processes included in the design studio portal span milling, turning, sheet metal bending and forming, and injection molding, with additional manufacturing processes to be added in the future.

“3Diligent has introduced two major features to enhance the experience of those looking to get something manufactured through ProdEX or those doing the manufacturing in Shopsight. These enhancements will facilitate faster product development and more fruitful manufacturing connections,” said Cullen Hilkene, founder and chief executive officer of 3Diligent.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the manufacturing industry, accelerating the
adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions as manufacturers move quickly to digitize their operations to operate more efficiently and stay connected with customers. In turn, customers have had to adjust to a fully remote product development process as they focus on building a more resilient supply chain. 3Diligent’s ProdEX and Shopsight applications enable users to overcome roadblocks presented by the pandemic by empowering users to harness the full power of distributed digital manufacturing. The new features announced today increase functionality by enabling greater connectivity between manufacturers and customers and providing tools that empower an entirely remote product design process.

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