IBM launches IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh and acquires Polar Security to address security needs of modern enterprises

In today’s hyper-distributed business landscape, enterprises face the challenge of managing users, applications, and data spread across diverse locations and environments. IDC study shows that a significant portion (76%) of enterprise data is expected to be generated and processed at the edge. Consequently, organizations need a solution that enhances the network paradigm, enabling secure and dynamic access to workloads and services while offering granular visibility, and control. For this, IBM has introduced the IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, aiming to empower enterprises in effectively managing their hybrid multicloud infrastructure. The innovative solution, built on the concept of “Application-Centric Connectivity,” is designed to automate application connectivity within and across public and private clouds. What enterprises get from IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh IBM’s introduction of IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh aligns perfectly with the company’s mission to assist organizations in their digital transformation journey. IBM’s Hybrid Cloud Mesh offers a transformative solution for deploying applications across hybrid and multicloud environments. By establishing a streamlined and secure on-ramp, this technology enables seamless connectivity and scalability for applications and services in diverse environments. It offers comprehensive insights into the potential benefits of utilizing an automated, intelligent, and optimized network that operates seamlessly on public cloud infrastructure. By leveraging this technology, enterprises can achieve efficient and streamlined operations while ensuring a high level of performance and connectivity. In the second half of 2023, when it becomes generally available, IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh will also incorporate the DNS traffic steering capabilities provided by NS1, an IBM Company. This integration will optimize the connection between clouds and end users, ensuring optimal performance, cost-efficiency, and availability at every point of connection. Sign-up for early access IBM plans to provide clients with an early access program for IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh before its general availability. This will allow clients to gain valuable insights into how IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh offers a cohesive connectivity solution, enabling faster application deployment and improving the end-user experience. Participants will gain knowledge about how this technology empowers IT teams to maintain network control, while offering DevOps and CloudOps teams a unified experience and set of tools to address challenges related to application performance, visibility, control, and security. Click here to sign up for early access. IBM acquires Polar Security to automate cloud data protection As the majority of enterprise data is projected to be generated and processed at the edge, organizations face the need for an enhanced network paradigm that facilitates secure and dynamic access to workloads and services. Recognizing this need, IBM has taken a significant step by acquiring Polar Security. With this acquisition, IBM aims to enhance its ability to monitor and secure data across multiple locations, addressing the evolving demands of modern enterprises. Polar Security assists businesses in discovering, monitoring, and securing cloud and SaaS application data, specifically addressing the issue of shadow data. Its services will help resolve complexities like identifying and monitoring the multiple locations where data is stored, understanding its usage patterns, managing access permissions, adapting to changes introduced by new services, and ensuring compliance with varying regulations across different countries. IBM intends to incorporate Polar Security’s data security posture management (DSPM) technology into its Guardium suite of data security products. By integrating DSPM technology, IBM Security Guardium will offer security teams a comprehensive data security platform that covers all data types across various storage locations, including SaaS, on-premise, and public cloud infrastructure. IBM’s commitment to addressing enterprises’ data challenges at the edge and supporting their digital transformation journey is exemplified through the introduction of the Hybrid Cloud Mesh and the recent acquisition of Polar Security. By integrating innovative technologies and expanding its capabilities, IBM is empowering organizations to harness the potential of the hybrid cloud environment, seamlessly bridging the gap between on-premises infrastructure and the cloud. Read next: Cloud Infrastructure in India: AWS to invest $12.7 bn by 2030; will generate over 1 lakh jobs


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